Team Building

Maximizing team potential using the Rocket Model


Most results of any consequence are accomplished through collective effort.  The importance of “team” is so woven into the fabric of what organizations do that you would think that every leader would be highly skilled at launching new teams, taking over existing teams, leading virtual teams and getting teams to a high level of performance.  But everyday experience and research says this is decidedly not the case.

Dennis Adsit is a certified team building consultant using the Rocket Model, a framework and set of tools for boosting team performance. It can be used to diagnose team dynamics and to provide leaders with specific tools and activities to improve team performance.

After assessing the team and benchmarking it against other teams, specific interventions are provided to help the team address weaknesses in its focus, norms or interactions.

The Rocket Model is highly practical and backed by research.  No trust falls.  No blindfolded walk through the woods.  Just a clear-eyed assessment of where the team is followed by a focused effort to remove the obstacles to high performance.

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