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Adsum Insights aligns people, processes and culture to ensure effective strategy execution.  

The Board has approved your strategy. You may even have cascaded OKRs to every level of the organization to increase accountability and common understanding. That is “The What.”

But have you and your leaders put the same focus on “The How?”  Are leaders talking a good game, but not role modeling stated values?  Teams produce all the meaningful results in the organization.  How well are teams performing?  Is anyone measuring or trying to systematically improve team effectiveness? Is the culture, including winning norms, explicitly defined and measured? To the extent these forces are operating, strategy attainment is in jeopardy.

Adsum Insights works closely with established and early-stage companies to address these gaps. We help you assess and close the leadership, teamwork and culture gaps getting in the way.

Our consulting work encompasses:

  • One-to-One Leadership Effectiveness Coaching
  • Increasing Cross-Company Team Effectiveness
  • Culture Assessment and Alignment

In addition, we have three structured, off-the-shelf programs that support our clients:

  • First 100 Days & Beyond Executive Development
  • Individual Team Development
  • Helping Leaders Accelerate Employee Development

About Dennis Adsit, Ph.D. Organizational Consultant, Facilitator, and Executive Coach

Dennis Adsit is an expert at equipping companies to successfully execute on their strategies by ensuring the requisite building blocks – team, skill sets, culture, and processes – are in place and aligned with the outcomes they need to deliver.  When companies work with Dennis they come to know that addressing Organizational Excellence issues is the key to effective execution.

Dennis brings together a combination of skills, experience, and style rarely seen in organizational facilitators, coaches, and consultants:

  • He holds a Ph.D. in Industrial Psychology and has also served as a P&L owner and senior executive in tech companies, startups, and global enterprises.

  • He is able to blend quantitative and qualitative elements together. He’s analytical, theoretical, incisive, pragmatic, and intuitive.

  • His cadence mirrors that of fast-moving growth companies, and he is also incredibly sensitive to the interpersonal.

  • He can dive into the content of the business, the approaches of leaders, and the context for what’s working and what’s in the way.

  • He has incredible range and is as comfortable talking about Six Sigma as he is talking about Zen meditation. He is rigorous, direct, funny, and engaging.

  • And he will tell you and your leadership team the truth.

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