Skillful navigation of group dynamics to optimize results

Organizations need meetings but few enjoy  them.  This is often because meetings are so ineffective.  Dennis brings his business experience to facilitate strategically important meetings, ensuring the key issues are on the table, the differences are heard and acknowledged, the meeting stays on track and next-step actions are clear.

When you’re assembling a new team in a restructuring or working to optimize the potential of an intact team, often something more than facilitation is needed.  The group needs to become a team.  

  • Team Effectiveness Assessment and Training for Results (The Rocket Model): Adsum Insights  provides a framework for a clear-eyed assessment of a team’s strengths and the key gaps based on a validated model of team effectiveness. Following this assessment, Dennis works with client teams to pursue the work of putting the missing pieces in place. No trust falls.  No blindfolded walks.  The Team assessment and development approach is highly pragmatic.

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