Executive Coaching

Support for achieving your unique leadership potential

Increasing the effectiveness of executives has a huge multiplier effect -- everyone who reports to those executives becomes more effective as well. Executives that work with Adsum Insights improve their skills on at least four fronts:

  • Defining Strategy and Outcomes
  • Increasing Operational Effectiveness
  • Building Strong Teams and Networks
  • Managing Self

We also specialize in unique leadership situations:

  • First-time Executives: In fast-growing companies, the timeline from individual contributor to Director and above is getting shorter. Great contributors are not necessarily great leaders or executives. We help first-time leaders and execs in new jobs build skills and processes and develop the Executive Presence to make these transitions seamless and successful.
  • Derailing Executives: Many executives at some point in their careers find themselves at cross-purposes with their boss, peers or team.  They are in the penalty box and desperate to get out.  We have helped many high-level executives successfully navigate this treacherous period in their careers and get back in the good graces of those around them.
  • Post-acquisition/merger: Organizations in transition bring a host of challenges.  Chief among them are the need for a clear focus on priorities and the need to facilitate the decoupling and recoupling of networks and alliances.  As executives and their teams transition through in major events, Adsum Insights offers tools and perspective to minimize the pain, optimize the productivity, and make sure value is realized.
  • Executive Presence/Public Speaking:  Dennis works one-to-one leveraging his extraordinary public speaking skills and training in the martial arts to help leaders present themselves more powerfully and congruently.

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