The “Me" in Meetings®

Episode 24: The Courage to Have Good Meetings

Organizations have a meeting problem. At best, meetings are not well run and are thus huge productivity leaks. At worst, employees say many of them are a waste of time.

Organizations have had this meeting problem for a long time and the situation is not improving.

The reason there is no progress is because the "system" is locked in place due to inaction on the part of four "actors":

  1. Human Resources does not measure Meeting quality is not measured for each leader and
  2. Meeting quality and effectiveness is not a CEO priority to fix
  3. Meeting Organizers show no indication they care whether they waste people’s time
  4. Attendees act like victims and are willing to let others waste their time. Those that might want to do something, don’t know how.

The “Me” in Meetings® is a no–nonsense, 90 minute training program aimed at #3 and #4.

Unique Elements of The “Me” in Meetings™ training.

Accountability:  Puts organizers on the spot to admit they are part of the problem and asks them to make a public commitment to stop wasting corporate resources.

Agency:  Meeting attendees get called out for being willing to let other people waste your time, when there are plenty of stone-simple steps they can take to make meetings better for themselves and everyone else.

Empowerment:  Teaches simple, steer-from-the-back, facilitation “moves” anyone can use at any time for improving the meeting atmosphere, collaboration, and outcomes

Sample Topics:

  1. The eight actions attendees can do to help ensure meetings don’t waste their time
  2. Moves anyone can make at any time to improve the meeting atmosphere and make the meeting safer for difficult discussions
  3. The RAW Facilitation Formula…an uncontroversial way to help keep meetings moving in a positive direction
  4. How to deal with specific meeting challenges like
    a. A highly charge atmosphere from one or more parties
    b. An impasse due to a conflict
    c. Data-free discussions
    d. One POV dominating (“minority” views silent)
    e. Multi-tasking

If you are looking for another training program on the elements of effective meetings, look someplace else.

If you are sick and tired of the lost productivity and the never-ending complaints about meeting quality, and you are ready to do something about it, please fill out the form below and let’s talk.

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