First 100 Days

Episode 15: Starting Off Right Doesn’t Always Mean Relying on Your Strengths

It is a real head scratcher as to why so many organizations leave the success of critical hires to chance.  It is equally amazing how many people walk into senior leadership positions without a plan or defined approaches as to how they will get up to speed, how they will assess their team, and how they will build their network inside the organization.  

Complete flameouts can and do happen, but the more typical result is that everything takes longer and is harder than it needs to be.  In an environment where speed and error-free execution are the difference between winning and also-ran, the integration process is not something to take lightly.

A new job presents a host of demands, all of which seem immediate: learning a new business and possibly a new role; meeting new team members, supervisors and direct reports; and connecting with vendors, customers, and prospects. Moreover, people are really anxious to impress in a new job, and often early wins are either tough to achieve or more short-sighted than would make sense with greater perspective.

Adsum Insights’ First 100 Days Program is a roadmap for this kind of success. The program blends interactive assignments and live executive coaching with Dennis Adsit, Ph.D.

Leveraging our First 100 Days Program, new hires minimize the stress by starting before they start with a concrete plan of action and templates they can use to integrate information on Day 1.  Companies get their critical hires up to speed faster and without the typical missteps.

Here are the key components of the program:

  • List of the common pitfalls in the First 100 Days and a plan to avoid them
  • An organized Learning Plan
  • A Day 1 Plan and a Plan for your First 100 days with key milestones
  • A framework for assessing your direct reports, individually and as a team
  • A stakeholder assessment and influence plan
  • List of Key culture diagnostic questions for assessing the culture to help smooth the integration process

We help leaders accelerate the onboarding and integration process and build positive momentum.  Our clients are astonished at how strategic our approach is and how much more effective their job transitions are…for themselves and their teams. Want to learn more about the First 100 Days program? Contact Adsum Insights today.

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