Culture 360

Culture is the most critical component of a company’s ability to execute on its strategy.

Some organizations are designed around this priority. They recognize the link between culture and strategy and assiduously design, assess, and refine the culture as the company evolves. For other companies, culture feels merely aspirational or like a topic that falls into the “soft” bucket of priorities.

Adsum Insights knows that the culture of a company -- the way the leaders and team members actually behave -- matters as much if not more than product, competitive set, market trends, or revenue model.

If you want to get serious about developing a culture as the key strategic building block of your company’s future, the Culture 360 program is your tool.

Here are the main components:

  1. Strategy Review: In order to determine alignment between your culture and your strategy, we’ll gain an understanding of your short-and long term business objectives.
  2. Culture Review:  Through meetings with key players across your organization, we’ll help you see what your culture actually is. Behavior -- not the Values Statement on the wall -- are the main indicators of your culture. Culture 360, like a leadership 360, garners a universal perspective on what’s really going on at your firm.
  3. Evaluation of cultural building blocks: Here are some of the dimensions:
  4. Transparency/Accountability vs. Saving Face
  5. Customer driven vs. R&D-driven
  6. Importance of Innovation: Is it Yes before No? High Tolerance for the Mistakes?
  7. Process Improvement vs. Winging It
  8. Data vs. Speed (we go at 60%)
  9. Definition of the Needed Culture.  Once the current culture has been assessed, Adsum Insights works with your leadership team to define the culture it needs to create the strategy
  10. Specific Action Plans:  Each Leader will develop a specific plan of Operating Mechanisms, Meeting Behaviors, Questions to Ask, and Symbolic Actions to be taken to create an environment that will allow strategy attainment.
  11. Culture Built into Operating Review Process:  Assessing the progress on Culture Creation will be built into the management review process for the organization to build the momentum for change.

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