$9,500.00 USD

First 100 Days & Beyond: Support 100

The Proven Program that Enables Executives to Succeed in Challenging New Roles

What you'll receive with the Support 100 Option:

  • All Training Materials: 17 training videos (4 hours), 16 Word documents with exercises (38), templates, tools, and strategies, 8 PDFs of articles, case studies, and podcast quotes with inspiration and guidance for your learning journey.
  • Group Coaching Calls on Zoom with Dennis Adsit (2x per month) for 4 months from your registration date.
  • Exclusive Course Website with materials and all recordings.
  • Concierge Support to handle any questions or concerns that may arise during your time in the program. 
  • PLUS 1: You’ll get the highest level of support with 1-1 private weekly coaching sessions with Dennis on Zoom through your entire first 100 days in your new position
  • Plus 2: You have the added option to skip the instructional videos and schedule 2 to 3 90-minute walk throughs of the material directly with Dennis on Zoom. This will allow you to ask questions as you go through the materials together. You still have access to the video training modules for later reference.